Greyhound Aggression

Dog owners are bewildered when they hear their pets bark, growl or become aggressive. Unfortunately most of these dogs end up in rescue shelters because most people will not stand an aggressive dog. Greyhounds are friendly and affectionate dogs but this does not mean that the possibility of Greyhound aggression should be ruled out. You should not give up your pet that easily just because they have shown signs of aggression.  The best thing to do is trying to understand your dog. This will enable you to determine what has caused the aggression and make the treatment of that condition rather easy.

By understanding your dog’s language, you will know the reasons behind the aggressive behavior and prevent bad instances such as dog bites. The major causes of Greyhound aggression are Dominance, opportunity, game, injury, territorial, and past experiences. You will have to observe your dog to know when they are developing an aggressive behavior and arrest it before it gets to a point where someone gets hurt. We will look at some of the causes and the best way to handle the situation to ensure that the aggressive behavior is dealt with permanently.

Dominant Greyhound aggression will be brought about when your dog feels like their position in the pack is threatened.  Dogs are pack animals and will want to know who the leader of the pack is. As the owner, they expect you to be the alpha in the pack. If you do not take this position, they will do it. The disadvantage is that they will be over protective and become aggressive when they think anyone is crossing their line. The dog will lie on a favorite spot and when the owner tries to get them off, they will growl and bark at them. They will think that their position is being challenged and this will lead to biting. The solution to this is showing your dog that you are the boss. Let them take their submissive positions in the pack and you will not have any dominance related aggression to deal with.

Opportunity Greyhound aggression is aggression directed at other pets of human beings but meant for someone or something else. A Greyhound will become aggressive to a person close to them because they have a better opportunity to attack them. A good example is when two dogs are fighting and you try breaking them up, you might get bitten in the process. The best way to deal with opportunity aggression is to keep a safe distance until you think your dog is calm enough to be approached.

Game Greyhound aggression is predatory. These dogs were bred to be ultimate hunters and will chase any moving animals. An aggressive Greyhound might chase a human being and the person will make matters worse when they try to run away. You cannot outrun a Greyhound keeping in mind that the only animal faster than this dog is a cheetah. The best thing to do is lie down as they will see it as a submissive move.