Greyhound Behavior

Greyhounds are pure breed dogs that were originally bred for hunting. Over the years, they have become famous and popular for their racing capabilities and of late, people have widely started keeping them as pets. Apart from Cheetahs, Greyhounds are among the fastest animals on earth. With their long strong legs and slim bodies, Greyhounds can hit the 45 mph mark within 2 seconds. Most people like watching Greyhounds running and thus love it when they are in their homes as pets. To ensure that you and your dog are enjoying the stay in your house, it is important that you understand Greyhound behavior.

The first thing you need to know about Greyhound behavior is that they will be professional regardless of when they are used for hunting, racing or as loyal companions. They are gentle, lean and affectionate. This means that they get a long with people including young children and are friendly to other animals. This however should not blind you into believing that they are naturally good. You will have to step out of your way to train them into the good obedient dogs you would want them to be. If not, you will have to deal with a stubborn dog which is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Greyhounds can be dated back to as far as 4000 B.C. where there are images that were found in ancient Egyptian tombs. This means that Greyhound behavior has not changed over a long period of time as long as you have a pure breed. They were mostly used in hunting since they have a keen eye sight, meaning they can spot a prey quite fast. With their strength and speed, they became the perfect candidate for racing and coursing games. This is the reason why they are the popular breeds in dog races.

Albeit Greyhound behavior includes their speed and keenness, they are not energetic dogs. They are good in sprinting rather than marathon. This means that they will not need a lot of exercise to drain the energy out of them; at least two leash walks in a day will kick the boredom out of their system and keep them physically fit. After the walks you will realize that your dog will spend the rest of the day just lying around. You have to know about one particular unique Greyhound behavior; when a Greyhound is sleeping he will mostly lie on his back with his legs in the air. This is a position commonly know and a roach.

Of the important things you should know, it is good to remember that Greyhounds are gentle and very friendly. They will easily get attached to you and will behave according to your mood. They are easy to train as they are smart dogs though you will have to be passionate and consistent when doing it. Greyhounds can easily get scared and thus when you are training them, refrain from using punishment of harsh words. Treat your dog well and they will love, respect and obey you.