Greyhound Biting

Originally bred to be ultimate hunters, Greyhounds are great dogs that have been used in racing and now people have started loving them as pets. All dogs are susceptible to dog problems and one of the problems you will have to deal with when keeping this breed is Greyhound biting. There are a number of reasons why your dog will bite and it is important to understand these reasons to solve this problem completely. Though Greyhounds are known to be friendly animals, it does not mean that they will not bite.

We will look at some of the causes of Greyhound biting and their solutions. The first cause is bad training. Puppies will bite and most people do not consider this a bad thing. The problem is when an adult dog is still biting. It is however crucial to differentiate between harmful and non-harmful biting. Harmful biting is often accompanied by aggression while non-harmful biting is playful biting. Train your puppy to keep away from biting by yelping every time they bite hard when you are playing. Non-harmful biting is not bad but you should ensure that you control it to prevent it from advancing to serious and dangerous stages.

Another cause of Greyhound biting is dominance. Dominance related problems can lead to your dog developing biting habits. Dominance comes about because dogs are pack animals. They believe that in every pack, there must be a leader. If you do not stand up to that position your dog will assume that that position should be theirs. If your Grey hound feels dominant over you, they will be aggressive and this can easily turn to biting. This will be treated by you taking the alpha position early enough. If your puppy identifies you as the leader of the pack, they will take the submissive position and will respect and obey you.

Greyhound biting can be as a result of pain. If your dog is going through pain, they will tend to bite you when you go close to them because they will think you want to hurt them. This can happen when they have a broken limb, have a thorn in their paw or when they are sick. It is important that if you see this kind of behavior, you take them to a vet while taking care that they do not bite you. If you notice a sudden aggression in your greyhound, it is likely that they are hurt and you should keep children from them as they might get bit.

If you are intending to bring home a Greyhound from a rescue center, then you must ne prepared to deal with problems such as Greyhound biting. Most of the dogs that are found in rescue shelters have been abandoned or exposed to different levels of cruelty. The will therefore be over protective and might be aggressive if they feel threatened. The best way to deal with this behavior is to slowly and positively introduce them to humans and show them that you will not hurt them.

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