Greyhound Health Problems

Dogs are not dissimilar from us in many ways especially in matters to do with health issues. Dogs can suffer from cancer, anxiety, arthritis and obesity. We are lucky to have the ability to talk about what we are feeling and the technology to treat that. There is a way to treat dogs but the unfortunate thing is that dogs will not tell you when they are sick. It is therefore important that you examine your dog once in a while to look for any Greyhound health problems before they get any worse.

When your Grey hound is having health problems, they will show through changing their behaviors. If your dog seems to have suddenly or gradually changed behaviors, it could be a sign that they have fallen ill fast or they are having a health condition that is slowly developing into a serious condition. Checking for Greyhound health problems will allow you to arrest any illness before it develops to unmanageable stages. You can make it a point to take your dog to the vet for regular check ups as this will be more thorough as opposed to you doing the check up.

In most cases, Greyhound health problems will show up in defecation and urine. A strong intense odor from your dog’s urine could be an indication that they have a bladder infection. A great need to relieve them can be a sign of an illness known as Cushing’s disease.  Digestion problems can be detected through a change in defecation viscosity. Indigestion can range from allergies to a change in diet. If you change your dog’s diet or change the brand of food they are used to, there might a rise a digestion problem that will go away or stay depending on the reason why there is indigestion.

Obesity is among the serious Greyhound health problems and thus there is a need to pay attention to avoid it. An obese Greyhound is at risk of suffering from a list of other diseases such as joint illnesses, diabetes and heart related illnesses. To ensure that your Greyhound is fit, read the label on the dog food you feed them.  Most of the foods contain ingredients that will only lead to your dog adding weight and because they are not in a race or hunting, they not have a way to burn off the excess calories. Make sure that you are feeding your dog with the right food with the right amounts of calories.

Cancer is another one of Greyhound health problems you should be aware of. Most people are not aware that dogs can be cancer victims. Well, they have bodies that function in a similar way as ours and thus are prone to some of the diseases that affect us. While some people argue that cancer in dogs is hereditary, some blame it on the environment and the food. What ever you want to believe, just ensure your dog is in a clean environment and you will be able to keep the diseases at bay.